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Ubiquinol (CoQ10) is a highly-absorbed cellular energy co-factor for healthy heart, brain, and immune system support. CoQ10 is essential for energy production and support of mitochondria (the energy producing part of every cell). A large number of research studies support the use of CoQ10 for heart, brain, and immune system health.

• Enhanced absorption
• Active form of CoQ10
• Heart, brain, and immune support


Enhanced CoQ10
Ubiquinol is the most efficiently absorbed and utilized form of CoQ10, the important nutrient that supports a healthy heart, brain, and immune system.
CoQ10 is vital to help mitochondria (the energy producing part of every cell) convert the food we eat into energy the cells can use. The body’s ability to produce CoQ10 declines with age and medications can also deplete CoQ10 levels in the body.
Ubiquinol works to protect cells from oxidative damage by scavenging free radicals (by-products of normal metabolism) that can lead to illness and even ageing, as well as assist in recycling nutrients.
Ubiquinol is the more concentrated bioavailable source of CoQ10, leading to better absorption in the body. Ubiquinol may be the preferred form of CoQ10 due to the body’s declining ability to convert CoQ10 to this more usable form as we age.

Scientifically Formulated
• The most bioavailable form of CoQ10

Ubiquinol is clinically shown to help support:
• Improved energy
• Exercise performance
• Heart health

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