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  1. ProbioticXL (60 count)

    ProbioticXL provides a unique triple action formula that is scientifically formulated to provide you and your family with optimal digestive and immune system health. ProbioticXL: • Contains ten beneficial strains with over ten billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) of live probiotics. • Uses a prebiotic blend, a patent-pending ingredient which has been scientifically shown to support the growth of beneficial bacterial strains over harmful strains to support a healthy balance. • Formulated using Protective Shield Technology to help ensure probiotics survive the harsh conditions of the stomach, as well as manufacturing, shipping, and storage.

  2. Gluten Control (60 count)

    Gluten Control is a dual-action enzyme that has been clinically shown to help reduce the discomforts associated with gluten sensitivity such as fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, gas, bloating, belching, and diarrhea. Gluten Control: • Dual-action enzyme that targets gluten in two different ways helping to ensure a more complete and quicker breakdown of gluten • May help relieve many of the symptoms associated with normal gluten sensitivity, including bloating, diarrhea, fat in stool, nausea, or gas

  3. Digestive Enzymes (60 count)

    Digestive Enzymes is a full-spectrum multi-enzyme digestive formula that supports complete digestion of most food types, including proteins, sugars, starches, and fats. Digestive Enzymes: • Supports overall digestion • Helps relieve the feelings of heartburn, gas, and bloating • Contains a combination of powerful enzymes necessary for good digestion

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3 Item(s)