Provides optimal digestive and immune system health. If you suffer from gas and indigestion, your digestive system may be overrun with bad bacteria. To feel better, you need a balanced ratio of good to bad bacteria. But in today’s world, bad bacteria runs rampant caused by stress, toxins, poor diet and more. The imbalance creates havoc in your gut. That’s why you need the power of ProbioticXL. Unlike ordinary probiotics, ProbioticXL fights the bad bacteria with both ClearPhage and shield technology.
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  • Formulated with ClearPhage, the next generation of prebiotics that target unwanted bacteria while nourishing good bacteria
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Provides shield technology that encapsulates the live probiotics so they reach your lower intestine where your body needs them most
  • Provided in a small once daily delayed release capsule

ProbioticXL. Live a balanced life.

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