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ProbioticXL (60 count)

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Quick Overview

ProbioticXL is scientifically formulated to overcome the challenges in probiotic supplementation in 4 important ways by providing:

1. 10 beneficial probiotic strains chosen for their specific health benefits

2. 11 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of live probiotics

3. Clearphage®, a patented prebiotic blend, which has been scientifically shown to support the growth of beneficial probiotics over harmful bacterial strains quickly and effectively.

4. Protective Shield Technology to help ensure probiotics survive the harsh conditions of the stomach, as well as manufacturing, shipping, and storage.


ProbioticXL provides a unique triple-action formula that is scientifically formulated to provide you and your family with optimal digestive and immune system health.

ProbioticXL is designed to:

  • Reduce occasional indigestion, gas, bloating, belching, and irregularity

  • Support healthy immune system function

  • Promote normal digestion

The Latest Advance in Probiotic Technology

Our modern world exposes us to many factors that upset the natural balance of our gastrointestinal tract, which can cause uncomfortable GI symptoms, as well as nutritional deficiencies. Most probiotic supplements are simply a collection of different probiotic strains with little thought about how those strains interact or how they are delivered to your digestive tract. ProbioticXL is scientifically designed to provide the 10 most important live probiotic strains and to create an internal environment where they are able to thrive.

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