Immune Bundle: OmegaXL – TurmericXL - VitaminXL-D3

Scientific evidence shows that certain supplements can help boost your immune system and support your health.

  • VitaminXL D3 strengthens your first line of immune defense, known as innate immunity, that helps your body recognize threats and mobilize immune defenses.
  • TurmericXL is a “super nutrient” that supports the second line of immune defense, known as adaptive immunity, which is essential for a strong functioning immune system.
  • OmegaXL targets inflammation to promote a balanced immune response.

Together, they are the powerful combination to support optimal immune health

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OmegaXL – is a powerful supplement, packed with over 30 fatty acids that targets inflammation to help balance the immune system

  • OmegaXL contains important lipid mediators that help maintain a healthy inflammatory response

TurmericXL – Curcumin, the active compound in TurmericXL, has been shown in research studies to support immunity in the following ways

  • Supports antibody production, which is your second line of defense
  • Supports cells in the adaptive immune system like T-cells and B-cells

VitaminXL D3 - Vitamin D3 helps to activate and build a strong immune system

  • Years of clinical research show that low levels of vitamin D3 are associated with a poor immune response, making the body more prone to health challenges
  • Research suggests that that older adults should supplement daily with 5,000 IU (125 mcg) of vitamin D3 to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D to support immune health
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