Our Mission

Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, our founder and CEO, Ken Meares, recognized that an aging population and a changing healthcare system meant that people would need to take a more active role in maintaining their own health—a concept he termed ‘self-care.” He was determined to provide quality health information and supplements directly to consumers to make this possible.

Great HealthWorks started in a one room office in 2003 with the simple goal to create a natural, effective supplement that could help reduce inflammation. Our Founder, Ken Meares and Co-Founder Miles Dupreé, started with this one idea and one product and OmegaXL was born.

Inspired by their mutual belief in this product, they made OmegaXL a household name, improving the lives of many loyal customers. Innovative strategies such as in-house customer service, multi-media production, and state of the art distribution streamlined business flow, enabling Great HealthWorks to experience unprecedented growth and to become a leader in the “self-care” industry.

Great HealthWork’s strong leadership team has expanded the company to a 12-acre campus and a motivated team with a single purpose: to provide exceptional science based healthcare products in a unique customer centric model.

Our Commitment

Visionary leadership and passion for excellence inspire the Great HealthWorks team each day. Strict attention is focused on every detail in product formulation, quality, and manufacturing to ensure natural, effective, quality supplements. We are committed to ongoing research, development, and innovation because we believe Great Health Works for all of us.