Our Mission

Our Capabilities

Great HealthWorks is committed to enhancing customer experience and product development by creating innovative company resources. These in-house resources are invaluable in the strategic success and growth of the company.

Media Purchasing & Placement

Our media department purchases and places all digital and broadcast media for Great HealthWorks. Strategic media buying in local markets enables further outreach in multiple markets and demographics. These placements are managed and optimized by testing markets and scaling broadcast airings in accordance with performance to ensure optimal return. Using this sophisticated process has enabled us to place up to 30,000 infomercials across 1,700 broadcast and cable networks, in any given month.

Film & Media Production

Our media production department utilizes a unique formula of entertaining, relevant health education combined with product promotion that results in successful customer conversion. With over 46,000 square feet of space dedicated to script creation, set design, motion graphics, filming, editing, and post-production, we can accommodate any size project. With over 20 years of experience in content creation, our production team creates content across long and short-form infomercial broadcast and web platforms.

Research and Product Development

Our passion and purpose is to create effective, science based nutraceutical and skin care products to promote optimal health and quality of life. Our products are physician-formulated, natural, and manufactured to meet or exceed strict cGMP quality standards.

Customer Care Professionals

Our in-house customer contact center is comprised of extensively trained customer care professionals. These certified specialists are trained to handle product inquiries, order management and tracking, account management, customer billing, and product exchanges. With the use of proprietary technology, we are able to utilize virtual agents located all over the world, offering them freedom, flexibility, and choice while maintaining high-quality consumer service. This virtual network of agents can perform services from anywhere 24/7 and provide call center services via calls, chats, and e-mail. A significant advantage of the virtual call center is that scheduling can be tailored efficiently based on workflow, providing savings to the company.

Training and Development

Our corporate education team develops an array of innovative training solutions to help instruct, engage, and empower our team to performance excellence. These solutions include many forms of learning such as didactic, interactive, video, etc. and can be recorded or delivered live. We also provide a system for detailed learner evaluation and progress tracking. By designing custom training tools that are accessible from anywhere using our Learning Management System, our interactive e-learning and blended programs drive learner engagement, which expands our Great HealthWorks culture to include independent virtual customer care professionals. We invest in educating all of our team members to promote world-class customer service.

Warehouse & Distribution

The distribution center provides a full-range of automated services including packing and shipping, receiving, warehousing, order management etc. Our strategic alliances with sophisticated ground and air freight vendors enable us to provide competitive rates and full-service shipping solutions for our family of products. Our unique IT platform performs tasks including providing customized shipment documentation, inventory replenishment, and specialized reporting.

Editorial Content

NewYou.com serves as an editorial partner to Great HealthWorks and is a real-time digital health and beauty publication that serves as an unbiased resource for the best information and services in nutrition, fitness, celebrity news, and lifestyle. Presented in an engaging, creative way, New You is a daily resource for interviews with leading industry experts and celebrities providing useful information designed to help each reader become a healthier and happier “new you.”

Marketing and Branding

Our marketing team manages all aspects of the brand development and life cycle. Working in collaboration with the scientific team, they provide concept, packaging strategy, and consumer messaging for our entire family of products.